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Products We Sale

Apart from providing quality services and repair, we are also into sales of various products such as TV’s, COF ICs, TV Spares etc., You can buy all available products both form our online store and from our physical store which is located in Varachha, Surat.

Want to buy a TV?

We are renowned seller of various assembled TV which fits your requirement as well as your budget, Kindly visit our online store section to select a TV best suited for you.


Het Electronics is one of the renowned stockist of COF TAB IC around having inventory of many different types of cof. we serve to customers from around the world. Kindly visit our online store to buy specific COF IC by clicking following link.

Buy TV Spares

We also sell various types of TV spare parts required to repair TVs such as TV motherboards, ICs, Back lights, LED open cell panels etc., Kindly visit our store by clicking following link to buy your required spare parts.